Our standard installation service comes with the supply and installation of your selected air-conditioner with insulation (closed cell), refrigerant, copper piping , PVC drain pipes, field wiring and trunking.

Copper Pipe

With more and more air conditioners using the environmental friendly refrigerant R410A, which operates at a higher pressure, the quality of the copper piping becomes more important. Using thinner pipes may lead to pipe leaks during high pressure, which will then lead to situations of “air con not cold”.



The insulation tubing that covers the copper pipe is important to ensure the temperate of the refrigerant gas that travels in the copper pipe. Using inferior quality insulation may lead to condensation and the ultimate scenerio of “air con water leaking”.



Air con trunking also plays a part in ensuring that your air conditioner operates in good condition and delivering the temperature stated on the remote controller. Poor trunking often means that the joints of the trunking do not fit exactly which will result in warm air entering into the trunking and increase the risk of condensation.


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